In sensual play it is important to know the body, which are the most pleasurable areas and touch them in a gentle and delicate way. Let’s take a brief tour of some of the erogenous zones that arouse more pleasure.


It is very sensitive to the touch, a slight touch with the fingers increases the sensations and the excitation. Often eroticism relates to the mouth, especially with the lips, as a prelude to a more intense game.


Do the test yourself. If you caress the back of the ears as well as the lobe you will notice a sensitivity that is increased by sharing the experience. It is a very stimulating erogenous zone for men and women and helps to relax the mind. Then, if you go down from the neck to the back, the sensations increase.


People who come to our massage center know that touching the back properly provides great pleasure. The sides of the spine intensify the emotions, you should perform gentle massage to maintain the sensual contact of the skin.


At this point there are differences between sexes. The woman feels much more desire than the man when stimulating the breast because it activates its sensual and sexual energy, especially when it comes time to caress the nipples. The man feels less pleasure; On the other hand, if it is lowered towards the navel and around it the sensory response is equally satisfactory for both.


It is a part of the body that is often forgotten. But if you delicately caress the inside of the arm (the one that causes tickling), very pleasant stimuli are produced. If you are relaxed, you should not forget your armpits.

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Clitoris and vagina

They are two differentiated zones, because they have numerous nerve endings and provoke two types of orgasms in the woman. The clitoris is very receptive to delicate caresses, performed with softness and moderation. And to play properly the vagina requires dexterity, never abruptness.

Penis and testicles

Each part of the penis and testicles are related to other parts of the male body, so it is essential to soft and unhurried rubbing. Knowing how to caress correctly, with slow interest, increases the intensity of relationships.


It is an area of intense pleasure that, in the case of men, is located between the testicles and the anus, just above the prostate. In the case of women, it is situated between the vulva and the anus, also known as the triangular zone. In both sexes it presents / displays little dimensions but with terminations very important for the sexual pleasure. Its adequate stimulation is beneficial to control ejaculation.


The tactile contact in the anus increases the sensory richness because it is an area that contains many endings. If you are comfortable and relaxed, it provides pleasure for both men and women.


There is nothing like a good foot massage to relax. Undoubtedly, an adequate massage on the fingers, plant and even ankles intensifies eroticism and desire.

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