In this life, there must always be a first time in which we encourage ourselves to do something or, in this sense, in which we lose our fear of a new experience. The tantric massage is one of those ‘new experiences’ very beneficial to which we must forget prejudices and taboos. From Tantra Usuaya we want to help you that the tantric and sensual massage helps you to release you of the stress and makes possible to know your own body better.

Our goal is that you just let yourself go for the pleasure and learn to enjoy. In fact, many of the things and details that you learn in our center of erotic and tantric massage in Madrid you can apply them in your privacy.

If you are thinking of receiving a tantric massage for the first time, there are a number of tips that we can give you. Here are some of them

Maximum relaxation

Calm and relaxation is essential. Receiving a tantric massage is a joyful experience in which, in addition, there must be a connection between the masseur and the recipient. That is why it is transcendental to create a general atmosphere of relaxation, suggestive sensuality and calm. Smells, music, decoration, lighting … all these aspects add up when it comes to giving or receiving an erotic massage.

If you come to our sensual massage center in Madrid you will realize that all those details that surround the massage itself are taken care of to the maximum. There must be a reason.

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Pleasure as a goal

Remember that the purpose and fundamental goal of tantric massage is pleasure. Experience joy with every pore of your body. Forget any other conditioning and let yourself be carried away by the enjoyment of each caress, every touch and gesture.


Receiving a sensual massage is equivalent to establishing a connection and communication with the other person through the touch. It is necessary that, in the face of that union, you learn to relax and to control the breathing, so that it is accompanied by that of the other person.

Handling these rhythms will also help you to enter a much needed state of calm. If you want to receive a tantric massage in Madrid do not hesitate to contact the Tantra Usuaya team. We will be happy to clarify all your doubts.

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