In our previous post already we show you the importance that the aroma has at the time of waking the desire. Whether to give or receive a tantric and sensual massage, the more you appeal to the rest of the senses, from touch and smell to taste, sight or hearing, the better the results and the more intense the erotic experience.

In this sense, from our center of erotic massages in Madrid today we are going to propose a trip for some of the most aphrodisiac and suggestive flavors that you can find.


Normally avocado is not one of the foods that usually appear more frequently in the lists of the most erotic foods. However, the properties of this fruit at the time of arousing the desire were already known thousands of years ago by the American people, long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the continent.


Precisely, the pre-Columbian peoples also owe another of the great flavors and aphrodisiac foods. The aroma of chocolate is already, in itself, tremendously suggestive, although the phenylethylamines present in it are the ones that awaken the libido of those who try it.

Cinnamon and vanilla

Cinnamon promotes blood circulation in the area of the male and female genitalia and, therefore, promotes increased sexual activity. On the other hand, the vanilla has, besides a pleasant taste, a suggestive aroma.


If you saw the movie ‘9 and a half weeks’, you probably remember an erotic scene between Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke with strawberries as ‘protagonists’. In addition to its texture and suggestive form, strawberries are a very erotic food, as they promote the stimulation of the endocrine system.

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Also, following in the section of fruits, figs, bananas, raspberries or mango have been described on more than one occasion as erotic foods.


Another classic of a romantic dinner that anticipates an even happier ending. Oysters are very rich in zinc, which favors greater lubrication in women. A dinner based on oysters, truffles and strawberries can act as the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world.

At the moment of awakening the passion, in Tantra Usuaya we use everything that is within our reach. Our center of erotic and tantric massages in Madrid has the best facilities and the most experienced team of masseurs. Let us help you live a unique sensual experience in life.

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