As specialists in erotic massages in Madrid we know that in the sensual experience of a massage many factors come into play. In fact, not only does touch contribute to creating a sensory and exciting setting. Music and aromas are also of great importance. Today we want to talk about some of the most aphrodisiac and suggestive aromas, ideal to accompany a sensual massage session.


Jasmine was one of the favorite perfumes among the most affluent classes in classical Rome. It does not seem strange to us. We are faced with an intense aroma, preferably used in plant and has a lot of personality. Precisely because of that personality it is advisable to combine it with less ‘protagonic’ scents, such as mint. However, its qualities in waking the desire have been proven for centuries.

Vanilla and chocolate

Ingested chocolate is a very effective food when it comes to arousing libido. But, in addition, its aroma combined with a soft vanilla essence is very exciting for a sensory and erotic massage. A real treat, believe us.

Clove and ginger

In these two cases what we said when referring to the jasmine. They are intense smells and lots of personality. In small amounts they are very suggestive for an erotic massage. However, clove and ginger should be used sparingly.


Both in oil and through the petals of the flower, the rose is one of the erotic aromas and aphrodisiacs par excellence. Even Cleopatra herself, in ancient Egypt, used rose petals to perfume her body.

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Sandalwood and lavender

Sandalwood is a discreet but highly erotic essence. Recommended as essential oil and aroma in ‘background’ in an erotic massage. Similarly, the use of lavender as the driving odor of desire has been known for centuries. The ancient Romans already gifted the newlyweds with lavender sachets before the wedding night, knowing that lavender is one of the most potent erotic aromas.


Probably the most ‘exotic’ we’ve talked about today. This tree from India or the Philippines produces flowers that are used to make oils, highly valued for their sweet and penetrating aroma. It should be combined with less strong aromas (again, peppermint or spearmint) in order to balance the result.

In our center of erotic and tantric massages in Madrid we worry because your stay with us is a complete experience. We take care of the massage ‘stage’ (aroma, ambiance, full sanitation, lighting …) so that you only have to worry about enjoying and living a truly unforgettable experience of sensuality, eroticism and self-knowledge.

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