The aroma and taste of chocolate, to which we are so accustomed, is one of the most important erotic and libido enhancers in existence. For thousands of years their positive effects on sexual life have been known. Our body secretes endorphins when we eat chocolate, natural hormones that make us feel satisfied, calm … happy, ultimately.

Chocolate is precisely the ‘protagonist’ of one of the most special erotic and tantric massages of Tantra Usuaya: The Delicious Mutuo massage.

A world of sensations

Indeed, in our center of tantric and erotic massages in Madrid we contribute to offer you pleasurable and unforgettable sensory experiences. And few massages are more pleasant and evocative like the Delicious Mutuo massage.

The aroma of chocolate, sweet, evocative and pleasant (but nothing invasive) caresses and tempts your senses, in a scenario full of eroticism and sensuality. This massage seeks, first and foremost, the communion between your body and that of your masseur-guide. The direct contact of your skin with chocolate, its aroma and tantric and Thai massage techniques contribute to this end.

The touch of both bodies, the unctuousness and aroma of the chocolate, the intimate and sensual atmosphere … everything comes into play to provide you with an erotic and unforgettable experience. The body of the masseuse caresses your whole body, which helps you reach a state of comfort and full relaxation, especially when the massage is directed to the perineal area.

Few tantric and erotic massages unite, so clearly, excitement, pleasure and release of stress. In this sensual melee massage is very important the bond and communication that is created between the guide and the recipient. Different techniques of Thai and Tantric massage contribute to the intensity of the same is very high.

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In short, the Delicious Mutuo massage helps you to know your sexuality better, improves your levels of erotic communication and provides you with a pleasurable and unforgettable experience. Discover this massage and all the ones that we offer in Tantra Usuaya. Our center of tantric and erotic massages in Madrid offers different environments, so that you enjoy with intimacy and total discretion of true pleasure.

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