One of the many benefits of sexual massage in the life of man has to do with the way in which it can make the desire in the stage of andropause recover. Today we explain what this phenomenon is and how it can help you to improve.

What is andropause?

Andropause is the male equivalent to menopause. We are facing a period of changes in man, which begins to develop between 45 and 55 years. These changes affect different facets of the male: fatigue, lack of energy, less vigor, cardiovascular risk, lower muscle tone, osteoporosis, decreased quantity and quality of semen … and also is related to a drastic reduction of testosterone levels.

In this sense, during andropause also takes place a progressive decrease of the sexual impulse, major or minor according to the cases.

How to fight andropause with massage

As we have shown previously in the blog of our center of tantric and erotic massage in Madrid, the sensuality and eroticism of the touch of a hands and a body on our own, making one with our own skin is one of the best remedies against Sexual decay.

Erotic massage helps to improve irrigation and, therefore, enhances sexuality and libido in the male, although it is in the period of andropause. In this sense, when testosterone levels decline in the male, many men tend to give up sex, since penetration is still considered as the ultimate end of sexuality.

The game, the sensual massage, the preliminaries and the caresses help the men who are immersed in this stage of the life to enjoy the eroticism and the sex from a new perspective. The massage gives you new ideas to put into practice with your partner.

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