In cities with a high population, such as Madrid, improving our positive energy through tantra enhances inner well-being. Misinformation, fear or ignorance of our body can cause initial rejection. However, tantra is an age-old technique performed by expert masseurs.

One of the most frequently asked questions that people who come to our center or are interested in coming to Tantrausuaya is to know if there is sex in a tantric massage. The answer is no. There is no oral or explicit sex.

These are massages that have as their goal the inner well-being, to end the stress, problems or emotional block and to secure our positive energy. To achieve this, the masseur can use various parts of his body and caress erogenous zones, such as the perineum, but this depends on the massage chosen. Besides these are not exclusive massages for the male audience, but can be experienced both men and women.

Doubts about tantric massage arise for a number of reasons, including shyness, anxiety, fear of our sexuality, physical and psychic complexes, a very conservative education or stress. And above all, the negative publicity that some centers have generated. The authentic tantric massages that combine with oriental techniques enhance inner spirituality and self-esteem and are performed by expert masseurs. In addition you must be respectful with the masseurs.

Do not be carried away by the idea that they are sexual techniques. While it is true that they help to improve our sexuality and spirituality in unlocking emotional doubts, they do not contemplate having sex. What they do entail is to gain in self-esteem to achieve emotional fullness.

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Tantra, like other spiritual techniques such as yoga, probes our sensations and emotions. Without a doubt, if you unlock your internal problems you will feel better. And to achieve well-being, masseurs are prepared as experts in chiromassage and oriental techniques.

As a recommendation to overcome indecision, it is best to try the Essence massage, where only the hands are used. You will discover the raison d’être of tantra and feel how your energy flows.

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