Many people who are encouraged to come to our tantric and erotic massage center in Madrid ask us many questions that obviously dissipate once the pleasant pleasure of the massage begins.

Most of the doubts have to do with the nature of the massages, who are the ideal recipients of a tantric and erotic massage, the duration … Today, in the first part of our post, we hope to satisfy at least some of those questions .

Frequently Asked Questions about Tantra

If you are thinking of going to our tantric and erotic massage center in Madrid, we hope that these usual questions and answers will help you get an idea of ​​what you can find.

  • Is tantric massage only for men? No, tantric massage is perfect for both men and women. In our center we have a team of masseurs (men and women) sculptural and with great experience.
  • Is it an individual massage? Tantric and erotic massage can also be enjoyed as a couple. In fact, this is one of the most effective ways to give an extra ‘spice’ to your intimate partner life.
  • Who is the ideal recipient of a tantric massage? Anyone who wants to enjoy an erotic experience unforgettable and intense. In this sense, the only requirement is to have reached the age of majority.
  • The purpose of massage is sex? The end of tantric massage is not explicit sex or ejaculation. This erotic massage is practiced with the hands or body and is contemplated the stimulation of erogenous zones, but does not include oral or explicit sex. In the receptive massage, however, the massage is allowed to interact with the masseur (as opposed to passive massage).
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This is the first part of our list of frequently asked questions about tantric massage. We hope that in the next delivery of our blog, all the doubts that you can host are absolutely dissipated. For everything else, do not hesitate to contact Tantra Usuaya.

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