In our previous post we detailed a series of frequently asked questions about tantra and also about the nature of what we do in our center of tantric and erotic massages in Madrid.

Today we will complete our list about the most common doubts concerning tantra and, specifically, about our massage center. We hope to be able to clarify all the questions that you have pending.

Questions and Answers on Tantra

The best way to go to our erotic massage center in Madrid is free of doubts, prejudices and willing to enjoy. Only in this way can you liberate your mind and make the most of the erotic power offered by the massage.

  • Do masseurs have special training? In Tantra Usuaya we have a team of fully prepared and experienced masseurs. Our team (female and male), as well as a sculptural anatomy, has extensive training in chiromassage as well as, of course, tantric and oriental massage.
  • Passive massage vs active massage: There is a fundamental difference between the concepts of ‘passive massage’ and ‘active massage’. In a passive massage, the total ‘control’ is the masseur. Only our masseurs can touch, massage and stimulate the body of the recipient. As for the active massage, the receiver can interact or caress the body of the masseur, although it must follow the indications provided. Also, you can not caress the genital area. This brings us to the next point.
  • How far can I get? As we said, neither in the active massage nor, of course, in the passive you are allowed to touch the genital area or at any time surpass you with the masseur. Oral and / or explicit sex is strictly prohibited. The same respect and consideration that we have to our clients, we want to have our team of masseuses who, by the way, are not therapists or sexual consultants.
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If you have any other question about our tantric massage center in Madrid, our team of masseurs or nature, characteristics of our massages, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to explain everything you need to know.

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