Elixir Massage

The best Elixir massage in Madrid.

A Jacuzzi is an element that lends itself to countless different games and intrigues, and it is within it that the Elixir massage takes place. It is a body-to-body massage where both the masseuse and the client interact with each other to achieve maximum pleasure.

Prices of Elixir Massage in Madrid

160€50 minutes
230€70 minutes
300€90 minutes

What is the Elixir Usuaya Massage Like

In this massage, various techniques such as tantric and Thai are applied, adopting a wide range of positions to provoke maximum excitement in the client, regardless of whether the recipient is a man or a woman.
With this massage, you can enjoy the perfect physique of the masseurs, who will be exclusively for you in an erotic and sensual background such as a jacuzzi. The atmosphere can be as exciting as you desire, accompanied by the caress of the bubbles and the expertise and experience of the masseurs.

A large number of tantric and Thai positions will be practiced, where the professionals will use all their know-how to explore your entire body and provide you with maximum pleasure. It will be an erotic dream come true, a place where you can unleash all your erotic fantasies that will take you to a climax like never before.

It is the ideal alternative to escape from the daily routine and the stress of everyday life—a peaceful place with a good atmosphere, soft lighting, and a professional willing to go the extra mile to satisfy the client and provide a torrent of different, intimate, and highly sensual sensations.

Can you imagine being in a jacuzzi with an attractive man or woman with a sculpted body? Their hands massaging your body and exploring every corner of your anatomy to provide you with maximum pleasure…

Don’t just imagine it, now you can experience it thanks to an Elixir massage, where you can bring many of your erotic fantasies to life and unleash your imagination to reach a level of excitement you could never have imagined before, all thanks to such a special situation.

Being able to blend the sensuality of a massage with the erotic charge that a jacuzzi brings is something you probably have never tried before, and it will surprise you from the very beginning, achieving your maximum excitement and making this experience unique and exclusive, something you’ll want to repeat over and over again.

The total interaction with the masseur or masseuse will make this experience even more pleasurable. Therefore, if you want to live something unique that has only existed in your imagination until now, the Elixir massage offers you a whole world of fantasies turned into reality that you won’t be able to resist.

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