Erotic Massages for Couples

The Best Couples Massage in Madrid

Do you want to experiment with your partner? Enjoying one of our erotic massages with two people is a unique and unforgettable experience if you need to treat yourself. Step out of your daily routine, let your body and mind be immersed in new sensations, and experience the feelings of an external partner to indulge in these pleasures that will help you connect and get to know yourself better.


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What Is a Couples Erotic Massage Like?

Every couple is unique. That’s why we give you the freedom to choose your erotic massage and the joy of feeling relaxed alongside your partner, guided by our sensual masseuse. You’ll immerse yourself in a world of pleasure from which you won’t want to escape. Remember that each of our erotic massages can be performed as a couple, and you always set the intensity and boundaries.

Benefits of Couples Erotic Massage

Fatigue, daily life, and the various commitments of each couple often make sexual relationships monotonous, automatic, and devoid of emotions. The frequency of exercise can even significantly decrease, leading to the deterioration of relationships.
Couples erotic massage not only provides the health benefits of traditional massage techniques but also utilizes all the energy released from the erogenous zone to create the perfect balance between body and mind.

This massage for couples helps increase the intensity of orgasms for both partners. It is ideal as foreplay in sexual activity, promotes a pleasant sense of well-being, allows the couple to rediscover their sexuality, improves communication, and removes inhibitions.

What’s the Erotic Charge of Couples Massage?

At Tantra Usuaya Madrid, we offer couples massages to suit all preferences. From experiences with a gentle erotic charge for those new to the world of tantric massage, to those who want to experience all the sensations that leave a lasting impression, completely surrendering to pleasure and more daring options.

Couples Massage with Two Masseuses

One of the easiest and most effective ways to ignite the flame is a couples erotic massage. This can bring many benefits to the relationship, especially when applied by professional hands. By adding a third or fourth participant (the masseuse) without romantic interests, it helps build a bond of intimacy and complicity between both partners, undoubtedly strengthening the connection in the relationship.

What Can I Do with the Masseuses?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to enjoying a good massage for two. Depending on the chosen session from the Tantra Usuaya Madrid massage menu, you can participate as a passive recipient or interact with the masseuses, allowing them to guide you through tantric positions and Thai techniques used to awaken excitement, curiosity, fantasies, and desires in the participants.

What Attire Do the Masseuses Wear?

You can choose a couples massage that suits your tastes, personality, and desired intensity. In some sessions, the masseuses are dressed, while in others, they wear thongs. Only in the most sensual sessions, with a high erotic charge, will the professionals be completely naked. Keep in mind that the enjoyment will be maximum regardless of gender preference.

Which Body Parts Will Be Massaged?

This also depends on the couples massage with two masseuses that you choose from the menu. Some of them focus only on thighs, buttocks, and the genital area, while others stimulate the entire body from head to toe before focusing on erogenous zones to increase the level of pleasure, excitement, complicity, and sensuality, leading to an unexpected climax. It’s even better when experienced as a couple.

Does Couples Massage Have a Happy Ending?

Many of the erotic massages we offer have a happy ending. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can choose a couples massage with a high erotic charge that allows interaction with professional masseuses, so you can experience an orgasm like never before, accompanied by your partner. Step out of your routine and allow yourself to live a moment full of eroticism.

Some Options for Our Erotic Massages for Couples

As we mentioned, all our erotic massages can be included in this modality.
However, we want to recommend our favorites to facilitate your choice and ensure you have an incredible moment that you will always remember.


A perfect combination of tantric and Thai techniques.


A mutual massage with chocolate as the main attraction. Are you daring enough to experience this sweet delight?


Can you imagine a threesome shower with the masseuse completely naked? Stop dreaming and make this fantasy a reality.

Where Does the Couples Massage Take Place?

At Tantra Usuaya, you can enjoy a massage for two in a bed, futon, shower, or jacuzzi, which you can choose from the available menu. Our professional masseuses are trained in tantric techniques and other types of massage, guaranteeing you indescribable sensations. Are you ready to share such an exciting experience with your partner?

What Products Will They Use?

In most couples erotic massages, essential oils and moisturizers are used, allowing the hands to glide comfortably over the entire body while intensifying the sensations. Other massages may involve the use of sex toys, chocolate, and other accessories that will take your fantasies to another level. To disconnect and enter the oasis of pleasure we offer, it’s your best choice.

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