Erotic Massages for Women

The best erotic massage for women in Madrid

If you need to relax, unwind, and experience true pleasure through tantric and Thai techniques, you can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the best erotic massage for women.

Let yourself be carried away by the hands of our expert masseurs and indulge in an authentic feminine experience at our massage center, Tantra Usuaya.” “All the massages available on our menu are also for women. Are you daring enough to give them a try?


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The Best Erotic and Tantric Massages for Women

At Tantra Usuaya, you have the opportunity to enjoy tantric sensations delivered by a man or a woman. Moreover, all our massage therapists have been carefully selected to ensure our team provides professional and high-quality service. Therefore, we guarantee that you will be able to enjoy the best pleasure, excitement, intimacy, and comfort in any case.
Each of these massages will have the same duration as those listed on the menu, and their prices are also reflected in the information about our erotic massages.

Tired of the usual boring massages? If you’re looking for a different massage to disconnect from routine and release tension, you must try our erotic massages for women.

Types of Massages for Women in Madrid

Choose from a wide variety of erotic massages for women and determine the level of eroticism you prefer: basic, medium, or high eroticism. Here are our most outstanding massages:


Do you feel like enjoying a highly erotic massage? Then, you cannot miss trying this option, which begins with a special shower of intense erotic and sensual nature. Next, a massage will be performed using a gel and tantric and Thai techniques applied with the entire body: hands, abdomen, buttocks…


This is an exclusive massage that you will only find at our center, Tantra Usuaya. This highly erotic option allows you to enjoy a sensual shower with him or her, the masseur or masseuse, and you can access a whole universe of pleasure where you will be the true protagonist.


Do you have a passion for chocolate? Discover this delightful medium-eroticism massage that incorporates chocolate, so you can enjoy a sweet and erotic experience.


This is a highly erotic massage that incorporates tantric and Thai positions. It is developed and applied using the entire body of the masseur or masseuse, and there is even the option to use some stimulating toy.

Tantra Usuaya: The Best Erotic Massages in Madrid

Are you ready to experience this unique pleasure? Come and visit us at our Erotic Massage Center, Tantra Usuaya. There is nothing better to forget about routine, relax the mind, and fill yourself with positive energy.
Are you still not familiar with our erotic massages in hotels service? If you prefer, we can also bring the best of tantric techniques to your hotel, so you can enjoy this delightful experience with the utmost comfort.

If you need more information or have any inquiries, we will be delighted to assist you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to enjoy the best erotic massages for women throughout Madrid.

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