Four-Hand Massage in Madrid

The best 4-hand massage in Madrid.

Do you want to experience something unique? Indulge in our four-hand massages in Madrid and discover extraordinary sensations that will help you break free from your daily routine. Surrender your body to pleasure in the hands of two of our skilled masseuses. Undoubtedly, one of our most popular tantric massages.

The extensive experience of our masseuses in any of our massages will help you relax and immerse yourself in a universe of pleasure from which few can escape once they enter.

Our four-hand massages in Madrid are ideal for those who are already familiar with the wonderful tantric world and want to take it a step further, multiplying the pleasure by two this time.


Any massagePrice of massage + 100%

Features of 4-Hand Massage in Madrid

Although all our erotic massages can be performed with four hands, this modality is considered to have a high erotic intensity, making it suitable only for the most daring individuals who want to elevate pleasure to unexpected limits.
There’s nothing more personal than a 4-hand massage. Therefore, you will be the one to decide the type of massage you want to try, as well as the massage therapists who will guide you along this path of pleasure that you’re about to embark on. You can choose to have two females or one male and one female; the best option is always the one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Close your eyes and imagine how you want your 4-hand massage in Madrid to be. Share your deepest fantasy with us, and we will turn it into reality. Remember, the only limit is set by you.

Types of 4-Hand Massages in Madrid

As we mentioned, all our erotic massages can be included in this modality.
However, we want to recommend our favorites to help you make your choice and have an incredible experience that you will always remember.


Sometimes less is more, and even though this massage has a basic erotic intensity, a Thai massage is one of our most popular 4-hand massages in Madrid due to its sensuality and its ability to combine tantric techniques with Thai ones.
Our Thai Erotic Massage is performed on a tatami or a Balinese bed. It involves the use of hands, arms, legs, abdomen, and chest.


Do you like chocolate? Surely you’ve never seen it like this before. This guided 4-hand massage in Madrid will be an experience as sweet as it is erotic, with our massage therapists guiding the way.


Can you imagine taking a shower with two of our massage therapists? Turn that fantasy into reality and try one of our 4-hand massages with a heightened erotic intensity.
The massage therapists will lead you, completely naked, into a universe of pleasure where you are the sole protagonist. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Considerations for Our 4-Hand Massage in Madrid

Some aspects to consider when choosing this experience are that the designated massage time remains the same, although the price will always be higher.
It’s ideal for enhancing your energetic stimuli and enjoying the pleasures that tantric techniques can offer.

Tell us how you want your massage to be, and we’ll make it a reality.

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