There are fruits that stimulate the sexual appetite by the way they have and because their flavor relaxes and stimulates the senses. Typical spring or summer fruits like strawberry or watermelon are two of the most aphrodisiac, but not the only ones.

Red is a very sexy color and visually contributes positivism. It is a color whose only presence fills everything and stands out in a lively way. That is why it is associated with passion, sensuality and sexuality. Not only in underwear or outside but also in food.

Strawberries, cherries, watermelons are fruits associated with sensuality. And indeed they can be the prelude or the excuse of a sexual relationship. Numerous studies attribute properties that stimulate pleasure. And it is so, but also because fruits help us feel better because of the vitamins they contain and because most are low in calories.

Eroticism is not only based on colors but also on the posture we adopt and the sensuality we give by eating these foods. That is, sensuality is part of the people and their desire to improve relationships. And if you want to prepare a special night, red fruits help a lot to boost libido.

Also the yellow color of the apples, peaches and bananas suppose an awakening of the sexual appetite. The better they look, the more excitement will increase. In the case of apples, the red ones also work well.

Blackberries and grapes are good friends of sexuality, light desserts to take into account. Others believe in the properties of avocado because it is associated with improved sexual performance. And because of its special characteristics the fig, which seems to imitate a female sexual organ in terms of form and color, is one of the favorites of couples.

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The fruits of eroticism are varied and depend on people and countries of origin. For example there are aphrodisiac foods like ginger used in Latin American cultures to increase the sexual appetite.

As an erotic massages center in Madrid, we promote the eroticism of our clients with one of our most successful massages: Delicious Mutuo. Its main characteristic is that it is made with chocolate, a pleasure for the senses. Do not forget that chocolate is a food that comes from the cocoa widely used by different cultures. Currently its use as an aphrodisiac is well known.

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