In our tantric massage center in Madrid we are concerned because the ‘stage’ of your massage is as relaxing, sensual and stimulating as possible. The staging, the decoration, the aromas, the music or the lighting are some of the factors that come into play when it comes to fully enjoy the sensual massage.

Of course, the oils and essences used in the practice of massage are fundamental in providing that pleasant and intense sensation. Today we are going to tell you about the benefits and benefits of essential oils for massage.

Benefits of essential oils

An erotic massage with essential oils has a number of advantages. Not only are we referring to the most obvious, but also to others related to muscle tone, cardiovascular system or circulation.

  • Muscle Overloads: An erotic massage accompanied by essential oils promotes the release of muscle tension. The day to day often causes intense muscular overloads. A tantric massage with essential oils gently traverses your body and helps knots and muscle injuries are released.
  • Circulatory problems: Massage helps circulatory problems, as well as those related to fluid retention, to be remedied or at least mitigated.
  • Relaxation: After a potentially stressful day, the power of aromatherapy can help you reduce stress. Consider that many essential massages are composed of rosemary, lavender, cinnamon … all very relaxing essences.
  • Erecting self-esteem: Erotic massage with essential oils helps to create a safe, pleasant and extremely sensual environment. This helps our sexuality to show itself to the fullest, without any kind of taboo which contributes to improving our self-esteem and the way we express ourselves in the sexual realm.
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If you are looking for a tantric and erotic massage center in Madrid, in Tantra Usuaya we offer you the best setting in which to make your fantasies come true. Discretion, hygiene, sensuality, beauty … contact us and we will tell you how you can help in your day to day sensual massages.

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