How to improve your couple’s sex life with tantric massages

Tantric massage has become one of the most effective tools to improve sexual life as a couple, thanks to its ability to explore the unique and deep connection that exists between the two. With ancient oriental techniques, tantric massage is a practice that seeks harmony between the body, mind and emotions to elevate the sexual experience to a higher level. In this Tantrausuaya article, you will discover how tantric massage can be an excellent option to improve intimacy and passion in your relationship, providing you with a series of tips and strategies so that you can enjoy this experience to the fullest. Join us on this journey to explore tantric massage and discover all its benefits to improve sexual life as a couple.

What are tantric massages?

Tantric massage to improve sexual health

Tantric massage is an ancient oriental technique that focuses on the body’s sexual energy to improve sexual and emotional health. This practice has its origin in India and is based on the discipline of tantra, which seeks harmony in all aspects of the human being, from the physical to the emotional, through the energy of the body.

Cómo mejorar la vida sexual en pareja con los masajes tántricos

Benefits of tantric massages in sexual life as a couple

The practice of tantric massage can significantly improve the sexual life of a couple by allowing a deeper connection and a pleasant and satisfying sexual experience. Some of the benefits of tantric massage are:

  • Increased mindfulness on the body and sensations to connect more deeply in the present moment and increase sexual pleasure.
  • Improvement of knowledge of one’s own body and sexual sensations to solve problems such as anorgasmia and premature ejaculation.
  • It allows you to reconnect with your partner, deepen your awareness of your body and sexual energy, and feel a sense of relaxation and healing.
  • Creating a deep and intimate emotional and physical connection during sexual activity.

How to do a tantric massage as a couple

To do a tantric massage as a couple, it is essential to create a relaxed and calm environment in a comfortable and safe space. Tantric massage techniques focus on body language, the exploration of new forms of pleasure, and the emotional and mental connection with the partner.

The practice of tantric sex requires trust in the couple, good communication and security. It is important to relax your mind and focus on the connection between the two of you. Meditation and deep breathing can help move sexual energy through the body and heal it.

To start, you can make eye contact and synchronize your breath by inhaling and exhaling together to find that special connection. You need to spend at least 10-15 minutes for this step.

An important part of the tantric massage is to feel every pore of your partner’s skin. Accessories such as feathers and aromatic oils can be used in the sensual full-body massage. It is important to explore every corner of the body and feel each of the caresses to achieve an incomparable orgasm. Two types of massage can be performed, one for men called lingam and the other for women called yoni, and it is important to know how to perform them correctly.

In conclusion, tantric massage is an ancient technique that seeks harmony in all aspects of the human being. This practice can improve sexual health as a couple, allowing you to enjoy the present, connect with your body, and improve your emotional and physical connection as a couple.

The importance of the environment for tantric massages

The environment is a crucial factor in the practice of tantric massage, since it can determine the quality and effectiveness of the experience. To achieve a satisfying and pleasant experience, it is essential to create a conducive and welcoming environment.

Tips for creating a space conducive to tantric massages as a couple

  • Select a quiet and private place: Choose a space isolated from noise and distractions, where you can be comfortable and relaxed. You can condition a room with dim lighting, scented candles, and relaxing music.
  • Choose a comfortable temperature: It is important that the room temperature is comfortable for both of you. Make sure the temperature is between 22-25 degrees Celsius to prevent the body from getting cold during the massage.

  • Frequently asked questions about How to improve sexual life as a couple with tantric massages

    What is a tantric ritual?

    A tantric ritual is a practice that allows us to open the connection with our own essence and that of our partner, through the physical body, emotions and energy. In tantra, the body is considered to be sacred and everything that happens in it is important for spiritual awakening.

    This type of ritual is performed in a calm and harmonious environment, where both participants connect emotionally and physical contact is allowed. In the tantric ritual, breathing and meditation techniques are used to increase energy and the connection between the two.

    Through the tantric ritual, it seeks to discover sexuality as a source of healing and personal transformation, and not just as a physical experience. The practice of this type of ritual can help to release emotional and energetic blockages, allowing a greater spiritual and emotional connection with ourselves and with our partner.

    In addition, the tantric ritual does not seek the culmination of the sexual act itself, but the enjoyment and emotional connection in each moment. Therefore, this practice can be a very valuable tool to improve the relationship as a couple, allowing greater communication and connection through the exploration of sexual energy.

    In short, the tantric ritual is a practice that invites us to discover sexuality as a source of healing and personal transformation, allowing a greater emotional, physical and spiritual connection with our partner.

    At Tantrausuaya, we wanted to share with you everything you need to know to improve your sexual life as a couple with tantric massages. From explaining what these massages consist of, to the benefits they can bring to your sexual life, going through practical advice to create the perfect environment and improve communication as a couple. All this, so that you can fully enjoy this unique and enriching experience. If you want to continue learning about the fascinating world of Tantra, we invite you to visit our blog, where you will find more articles and techniques to improve your sexual and emotional life. Discover everything Tantra can do for you!

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