One of the many things that can help you to go to our tantric and erotic massage center in Madrid is to get to know yourself about sexuality. In this sense, a tantric massage allows you to discover or rediscover erogenous areas of your body that give you great pleasure and that can also provide a lot of enjoyment to your partner during sex or foreplay.

Today we want to show you some of the less known erogenous zones, which, however, can make you enjoy a lot.

Less common erogenous zones

Speaking of rare or lesser known erogenous zones is not to say that they are less enjoyable. Many people tend to focus on the genital areas or breasts and neglect other parts of the anatomy that are, however, very sensitive.

Hair and skull

The area of ​​the scalp and skull is very sensitive. Performing small and gentle massages and caresses on your partner, on the temples and on the back of the head, can be a perfect start and preliminary of a more torrid encounter.


For both men and women, stimulating the neck and nape area is very sensual. He alternates caresses and kisses with whispers, soft bites and exhalations. In this sense, many experts determine that, in the case of women, we are facing the fourth zone of the female anatomy most exciting from the erotic point of view.


As in the case of the neck, the earlobes are very stimulating areas and are, however, often overlooked during a sexual encounter.

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Belly button

As in the case of the neck, nape and ears, the navel area is one of the most overlooked parts of the anatomy during a sexual encounter. However, we are dealing with a part of the anatomy that, regardless of its proximity to the pubic area, is very exciting.

If you want to know better the parts of your body that ignite your passion, free yourself from the stress of everyday life and enjoy an unforgettable erotic experience, do not hesitate to go to our tantric and erotic massage center in Madrid. In Tantra Usuaya you will find a new dimension of pleasure, with our team of sculptural and experienced masseurs. Make a visit and tell us what you are looking for.

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