Magnum Usuaya Massage

The best Magnum massage in Madrid

The Magnum massage is one of the most exciting massages one can experience because it is highly erotic and sensual. Thanks to the various tantric and Thai techniques and positions, it is possible to achieve a maximum level of excitement. Furthermore, it is a massage that is applied using different parts of the body such as hands, arms, legs, chest, abdomen, etc.

Prices of Magnum Massage in Madrid

120€40 minutes
180€60 minutes
200€80 minutes

What is the Magnum Massage?

The Magnum massage is one of the most exciting experiences you can have; it’s highly erotic and sensual. Through various techniques and positions from Tantra and Thailand, you’ll achieve the ultimate sensation of pleasure. Moreover, it’s a massage that is applied using different parts of the body to gradually increase the temperature.
It’s a rare combination that is seldom achieved with other relaxing massages with a happy ending. Not only does it generate great sexual excitement, but it also seeks to provide the maximum relaxation for the client.

It’s a relaxing and sexy massage that aims to create an atmosphere of maximum relaxation and sexual excitement. The combination of professional tantric and Thai techniques, along with thrilling erotic toys, makes it a unique experience that everyone, regardless of gender, should try at least once in their life.

Erotic Charge of the Magnum Massage

This massage with a satisfying ending stands out from all other massages due to its high erotic charge. It includes exciting toys that enhance the sensation along with the body’s touch. This maximizes the experience, stimulating sensations, imagination, and an inexplicable boost of sensuality. Only a few people can resist it.

Can I touch the masseuse?

Yes, you can touch her! This sexy and interactive massage allows for both the professional masseuse’s body and the client’s body to come into contact. Imagination and intense sensations contribute to the creation of an unparalleled intimate moment. The whole room fills with erotic energy.

What attire does the masseuse wear?

The masseuse is topless. This opportunity to play with exciting toys unleashes the imagination. If the recipient of the Magnum massage is completely at ease and ready to try new experiences, they will see how the eroticism allows them to learn more about sensuality and unexplored sensations that will take them to another level of pleasure.

Which parts of the body are massaged in the Magnum massage?

It’s a happy ending massage with various tantric positions that involves massaging the entire body, focusing on the genital and perineal areas. To fully enjoy the session, it’s essential to be open to new experiences. This type of massage with toys can be used to continuously stimulate and excite the prostate. The result is extremely pleasurable.

Which body parts will be used to massage me?

In this desired happy ending massage, the masseuse applies tantric and Thai techniques to massage the erogenous zones using her arms, legs, and, above all, her breasts. This creates a higher intensity, especially because both the masseuse and the client can interact with each other to increase arousal in a subtle yet incredible way.

Does the Magnum massage have a happy ending?

This breast massage does have a happy ending thanks to its erotic charge and the elements that create an ideal environment to surrender to sensations. Thematic, intimate, and private decor, the complicity and professionalism of a masseuse with a sculpted body, and the addition of sexual toys. Undoubtedly, it stimulates the senses, intrigue, imagination, and arousal.

Where is the Magnum massage performed?

The Magnum massage is performed on a futon. It takes place in a special ambiance, with an experienced masseuse wearing very little clothing. She will not only use her hands but also utilize her body to make you feel unique and unforgettable sensations. Through the employed erotic techniques, a unique complicity is created, discovering what the client needs to intensify pleasure. Do you miss such an experience?

Which products will be used?

To apply this sexy and relaxing massage, moisturizing and essential oils are used along with tantric and Thai techniques. Accompanied by sexual toys, they help eliminate embarrassment and prejudices, inviting you to enjoy an intimate session where excitement, sensuality, and pleasure take center stage.

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