In our center of tantric and erotic massages in Madrid we have already spoken to you about some of the modalities and characteristics of certain services that we offer. Today it is the turn of one of our most special erotic massages. We are referring to the Delicade Usuaya Massage.

An open door to pleasure

The Delicade Usuaya Massage is a true ‘open door’ to the most absolute pleasure. A way that, in our center of massage erotic and tantric Madrid, we have to make you forget what happens outside our doors, so that you only have to worry about enjoying fully.

In the Delicade Usuaya, the chosen masseur will transmit a true stream of sensations, from your body to your body, as if you are connected by an invisible thread. This is a participatory massage. In this sense, the masseur will guide you and show you how to touch, caress and feel, so that you can intensify the erotic experience of massage.

It is a way of eroticism from you to you, in which the sexual energies flow from the masseuse to the recipient, and vice versa, in a way that creates a full sense of enjoyment. In the erotic massage Delicade Usuaya several parts of the body are used.

The state of relaxation experienced with massage, combined (although it seems a paradox) with a high sexual intensity, will intensify as it approaches the perineal area. If you want to live the eroticism fully,

Features of the Delicade Usuaya Massage

As we said, this is a melee massage with a high erotic load. This iterative and guided massage includes a tantric posture in which hands, abdomen, chest, arms, thighs and feet are used. In this sense, the perineal area is intensively worked.

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With the Delicade Usuay Massage you will discover aspects of your eroticism and sensuality that you did not know. Let us help you experience a erotic heavy massage. In our center of erotic and tantric massages of Madrid we will receive you with total discretion, so that you only have to worry about being carried away by the most absolute pleasure.

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