In search of new sensations, the erotic shower as part of a tantric massage is an original experience, pleasant and daring.

With the shower creates a very exciting and stimulating atmosphere of intimacy in tantric massages. It is another way of conceiving eroticism, exploring the body and venturing into an experience that will channel your inner energy and reinforce your self-esteem.

The Nuru massage that we offer allows the equality of conditions of the participants, which implies more intimacy and a high degree of eroticism. This type of massage will relax you so much that, according to mythology, you will feel like a mermaid or a newt.

The shower faucet allows you to control the water pressure, its temperature and the type of jet you want. Erotic play begins when water falls on the body, it is very pleasant for women and men, especially when the most sensitive erogenous parts get wet. And while the pressure may be more intense at first, as the water slides through the sensitive areas, it is good to decrease it to feel the benefits of tantra more intensely.

The erotic shower is paramount in creating a sensual environment that stimulates the senses of smell, sight and touch and then continues with a massage. The aroma of the special gel, lighting with candles, elegant decoration and music intensify the climate of excitement in the quest for relaxation. The gel used plays an important role, as it acts as a singular element with which to massage or caress the body.

As a fundamental requirement to feel comfortable / looking for a nice massage center, well conditioned for erotic bath, comfortable and, above all, hygienic. Not all sites are the same or offer the same guarantees. The perfect tantric massage with a built-in shower requires some comfort to feel good and that does not make you doubt at any time of the chosen place.

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As a point to emphasize in our center, before giving a tantric massage is obligatory to shower, both clients and masseurs.

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