One of the essential components (never better said) for an erotic massage are the oils and essences used. In fact, much of the success of a tantric or erotic massage in its various manifestations is based on the essential oils used.

The viscosity and density allows a greater erotic intensity through the touch; Likewise, odors help create an environment conducive to desire.

Oils for an erotic massage

As we said, oils and essences are fundamental pieces of the ‘everything’ that is a sensual massage. Oils help us eliminate toxins accumulated in the skin, moisturize and also help it to slip better.

Similarly, essential oils help improve circulation, enhance the experience and duration of the effects of erotic massage, and allow the recipient to relieve stress.

Some of the best oils for erotic massages are:

  • Basil: The stimulating and invigorating effects of this herb have been known for thousands of years.
  • Cinnamon Essence: Cinnamon is one of the most potent natural aphrodisiacs. For its erotizing effects, the suggestive aroma is added.
  • Sauce: The oils and essences for erotic massages of savory helps to release tensions and stress, which is essential to let us go and be able to enjoy an erotic massage 100% in conditions.
  • Jasmine oil: Another of the most natural essences indicated for a sensual massage session. Its erotic and sensual energy-releasing effects have also been known for a long time.
  • Nuru: Nuru gel is, by its viscosity, the star of the gels and oils for an erotic massage. It allows the skin to hydrate and slide to perfection, which helps to intensify the erotic experience to 100%.
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