We all have fantasies. Small spaces in which we let our imagination and erotic dream escape to escape from reality. What would it feel like if we told you that we know an intimate and ideal place for your erotic fantasies to come true?

One of the definitions of pleasure or luxury is to imagine receiving a pleasant massage, in which the hands and body of the masseur allow us to abstract ourselves from whatever our problems are.

Continuing the relaxation-excitement of the massage with an incredible time in a jacuzzi contributes to intensify the fantasy. Imagine being able to combine both experiences in a unique experience, totally unforgettable and of an incomparable erotic intensity. That is precisely what Elixir Usuaya Massage offers you.

The maximum pleasure of the massage

In our center of tantric and erotic massages in Madrid we take care that your experience is intense, vivid and of great erotic force. That is what Elixir Usuaya Massage offers you.

This form of massage that we offer in Tantra Usuaya gives you the possibility to enjoy the touch of another body, in the pleasant setting of a jacuzzi. The water rises in an energy channeler in which the pleasure intensifies to the maximum.

Different Tantric and Thai postures come into play to help you release your entire load of erotic energy. The aquatic caresses of the hands and the body of a masseur will travel throughout your body, so that you will experience sensations that you never dreamed of.

This melee massage is participatory. This means that the receiver is not a passive subject. Thus, the interaction with the masseur allows to make the experience something much more intense, vivid and pleasant.

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The Elixir Usuaya Massage takes place inside a jacuzzi; The implementation of Tantric and Thai techniques produces a high erotic load and a high intensity experience.

If you come to our center of erotic and tantric massages in Madrid you can experience this and any other of our massages in an ideal environment for enjoyment. Contact us, in Tantra Usuaya, and tell us what you are looking for.

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