The pleasure of the Magnum Usuaya Massage

Game, sensuality, pleasure … Magnum Massage is one of the ones that we offer you in our tantric and erotic massage center in Madrid. A massage in which you will find, on the one hand, a great sexual excitement and, on the other, a full relaxation. We show you what this sensual massage is.

What is the Magnum Usuaya Massage?

Normally, the tantric and erotic massage is based on the excitement that is felt through the contact of the masseur’s skin with ours. A true erotic connection that seeks to make every inch of our body ‘turn on’, achieving a torrent of full erotic energy.

In fact, in the Magnum Usuaya Massage all this is present. However, an element is attached to the equation to achieve maximum erotic intensity and sensuality: stimulatory toys.

In fact, in addition to the touch in the melee massage, Magnum Usuaya gives you the option to enjoy, experiment and interact with a stimulating toy, which maximizes the erotic experience and the intensity of the massage.

More sexual stimulation and interaction

And it is that the erotic toy enhances the effect of the sensual stimuli of tantric and Thai techniques. And it makes you reach a state of excitement hardly explicable in words. This sensual melee massage is of great intensity and, also, interactive. In this sense, the person who experiences it can participate in the massage, while applying different Tantric and Thai techniques in arms, legs, belly, chest and hands …

If we add to that the incentive of being able to experiment with a stimulating and prostatic toy, the possibilities of this massage multiply. All this, in addition, in an environment perfectly designed for the enjoyment and, also, fully hygienic and discreet, perfect so that you leave your problems in the door and only have to worry about to enjoy.

If you want more information about this or any other of our erotic massages in Madrid do not hesitate to contact our team.

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