In our center of tantric and erotic massages in Madrid we bet to offer you a multisensory experience. By this we mean that our sensual massages appeal to the five senses, in order to achieve a state halfway between the total release of stress and the most intense excitement.

This complex combination of relaxation and pleasure, only within reach of the most expert hands, is exactly what we offer you with our Essence Massage.

What is Essence Massage?

Essence is one of the modalities that we offer you in our center of erotic massages in Madrid. It is a sensitive but at the same time very relaxing massage that will help you forget the hurries, problems and negative situations of your day to day, so you only have to worry about enjoying the experience to the fullest.

And it is precisely the secret and essence of Essence Massage that we offer you in Tantra Usuaya is to enjoy the sensation and touch of another skin in contact with ours. Note the gentle rubbing of the masseur’s hands on your legs, buttocks, arms, back, abdomen …

With this sensual massage you can fully enjoy the energy that is created in the environment and, in this sense, discover our inner sensitivity. Every pore and every inch of your body will become a receiver-emitter of sexual energy and eroticism.

This erotic massage is performed on a Balinese bed. Sensitive and relaxing, the Essence Massage is performed only with your hands. This is a passive sensual massage, which seeks to stimulate the body from the touch of the hands on the receiver’s hydrated skin.

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So much for this massage that we offer in Tantra Usuaya, as for others of which you can enjoy in our center of sensual massages of Madrid we offer you a series of bonos, offers and promotions. You can consult them here.

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