The eroticism in a couple is like a beautiful plant that, once sown and sprouted, it is necessary to water and take care of it periodically so that it does not die. Indeed, sex and sensuality have a series of codes, but not immovable laws.

Today we want to give you a series of eroticism tips to improve your intimate life. And none of them pertain exclusively to penetration.

Sex beyond penetration

In fact, sex life and libido are not reduced to the moment of penetration and orgasm. There are a number of tips to improve your erotic life that go beyond.

  • An erotic massage: Obviously, from our tantric and erotic massage center in Madrid we know a couple of things or three about the effect that sensual massages have on libido and erotic life. Massaging your bodies in unison, trying to stimulate parts of the body beyond the genital area is one of the most intimate and suggestive erotic experiences there may be.
  • Plant seeds: Your partner and you may not be together throughout the day. That is why, if you plant seeds of eroticism, the day can be very suggestive. Send spicy photos, suggestive voice messages … everything can be a good spark that ignites the wick of passion.
  • Provocative clothing: This works for them as well as for them. Get out of your comfort zone with clothes and try wearing garments, lingerie or suggestive lingerie. Whatever it is to get out of the routine, it will be well received in the eyes of your partner.
  • Eroticism in the Pyramid: The path to eroticism must be followed in the form of a pyramid. We mean that in the game of seduction, a gentle caress leads to a kiss, a kiss to a more intense embrace … you have to ignite the flame in crescendo.
  • Sex does not end in orgasm: You have to learn that sex and intimacy do not end in orgasm. You have to learn to enjoy the hugs, kisses, caresses and the sweet relaxation that is generated later.
  • Unexplored areas: Try to focus your kisses and caresses on those areas of your partner’s anatomy that are less commonly ‘carried’. That will create a healthy habit.
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In our center of erotic and tantric massages in Madrid we will teach you to know your body better. We assure you that it will improve your sex life exponentially.

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