At any moment of life we ​​can face a period of lack of libido or sexual atony. Humans are not robots, and therefore, from time to time, we experience peaks and valleys in our sexual desire. For these periods, precisely, today we are going to offer you a series of tips.

Take care of your diet and fitness

As we have already shown, there are a number of aphrodisiac foods that help you raise your levels of sexual desire. Oysters, chocolate, avocado, strawberries, vanilla or truffles help (and much) boost your libido.

Also, if you are in good physical shape, your self-esteem will improve and you will be more psychologically predisposed to sex. In this sense, cardiovascular activities like running, cycling or swimming help your body to produce and release dopamine, a natural ‘antidepressant’ generated by our body.

Similarly, certain activities and exercises of yoga or tai-chi improve the blood supply in the pelvic area (of them and them) improve, thus increasing the levels of sexual desire.

Take care of the breath

In many cases, the lack of sexual desire is nothing more than a manifestation of anxiety problems. Learning certain breathing and relaxation exercises, as well as going to meditation classes can be very useful in these cases.

Stimulus in couple

Participating in a series of erotic stimuli as a couple can help their sexual desire to rise to unsuspected limits. In this sense, receiving an erotic massage as a couple, watching erotic movies in private or participating in games and erotic fantasies can be very beneficial.

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These activities also improve your communication as a couple and also help you to know what it is that you like very much, little or nothing to that other special person.

Erotic massages in Madrid

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