Sexual fantasies and erotic dreams are of fundamental importance in the sexual life of people. Breaking with the routine, improving our sexual expressiveness … many are the functions and benefits of erotic fantasies. Today we are going to talk about them

How our erotic fantasies are

A study by the University of Montreal showed that men often have more sexual fantasies (almost 20 a day, in fact) than women. Sex in threesome is a commonly shared sexual fantasy, both by men and women.

In the case of men, oral sex (passive) is another of the most recurrent fantasies, whereas they usually go (mentally) to paradisiacal and exotic places to unleash their dreams.

While in men, sexual fantasies tend to be more focused on the sexual act, studies prove that women need a certain ‘sentimental’ component in them. In this sense, caresses and touch are also essential for them in their fantasies and erotic dreams.

What is the mission of sexual fantasies?

Although, for many people, recognizing the fact of having sexual fantasies is little less than taboo, the truth is that erotic dreams have a number of important benefits.

To begin with, imagining ourselves in an erotic or sexual situation helps us prepare for a ‘real’, so that it serves as a ‘training camp’ at the mental level. In the same way, they can help us relax and free our minds from negative thoughts in certain situations.

Sexual fantasies help us explore those grounds of our own sexuality that, by convention or timidity, we do not touch in our ‘real’ intimate life. In this sense, sexual fantasies help us improve and strengthen our levels of self-esteem and, at the same time, increase our sexual desire.

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