Nuru massage is one of the most popular and demanded of our center of erotic massages in Madrid. Its name is derived from a Japanese word (‘nuru’) that means something like soft and, also, sliding.

In the Nuru massage, it is a question of achieving the widest physical contact, increasing the sensation of pleasure that, in this sense, is mutual for both the masseur and the recipient. In origin, the gels used for this massage were made from seaweed.

This achieved an ideal texture for the result of the Nuru massage. Nowadays these types of marine plants are no longer used in their elaboration, but are committed to pleasant and odorless gels of aloe vera or chamomile.

How does Nuru massage develop?

In the Nuru massage, masseur and massage are in full equality of conditions. One of the advantages of Nuru massage, as we conceive it in our erotic massage center in Madrid, is that it is you who decides and guides the massage towards the areas that produce a more pleasurable stimulus.

The Nuru massage begins with a suggestive shower that, as the water falls, allows sensuality and the erotic moment to gain in intensity. Next, the massage is developed with a special aloe vera moisturizing gel, which enhances the sensations and the touch in the different parts of the body.

Nuru massage works through tantric and Thai massage techniques, especially in various areas of the body with breasts, buttocks, belly, hands … the result is an experience of intense enjoyment, in which every pore and centimeter of the skin It becomes an emitter / receiver of erotic energy.

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Advantages of Nuru Massage

The Nuru massage is of great erotic and sensorial intensity. The use of the whole body of the masseur in the development of the same makes the enjoyment and pleasure on the part of the receiver reach very high levels.

This is an active massage, since the massaging has to change posture and can also direct the touch to areas with more erotic intensity. That is, the receiver goes from ‘observer’ to participant.

If you want to experience the intensity, sensuality and morbid of a Nuru massage, in our center of erotic massages in Madrid we can make you feel all your energy in first person. Call us and we will explain everything you need.

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