Pansexuality is current because of recent statements by Miley Cyrus, in which the popular actress and singer declared herself a ‘pansexual’ person. In this sense, such sexual orientation is becoming “normalized” more and more towards the general public.

Today we show you, in the blog of Tantra Usuaya, some of the notions and characteristics of a concept like pansexuality.

What is pansexuality?

Although pansexuality is defined as sexual orientation, its essence is not marked by sexual practice or eroticism (at least, not only). In this case, pansexuality has to do with the concept of attraction: aesthetic, romantic, intellectual … toward another person / s, regardless of gender.

Likewise, pansexuality refers to erotic attraction to all genders. Both on television (the character of Jack Harness of Torchwood), as in comics (Deadpool) or cinema, are increasingly examples of characters who are openly pansexual or, at least, where this sexual orientation is suggested Clearly.

Characteristics of pansexuality

As we showed earlier, pansexuality is more of an attraction to the way of being, thinking or feeling than to that other person’s characteristics, physical attributes or sexuality.

That is, a pansexual person may feel attracted to another heterosexual, bisexual, transsexual or gendered person, indistinctly. More than an expression of sexuality proper, referring to pansexuality refers to a way of showing the way in which we show the world, feel, think, love and relate to others and the environment that surrounds us .

As we see, pansexuality is a manifestation of the rich, varied and wonderful that results in human nature and, of course, the sexual condition and identity.

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