In our tantric massage center in Madrid we are concerned that your experience with us will help you achieve a vital relaxation in your day to day and that, in addition, you can know yourself better and your partner at erotic and sensorial level. Tantric massage can help you at these levels. That is why we want to explain a little more deeply about what Tantrism is, from its origins.

Tantrism and its tradition

Tantra or Tantrism is an esoteric stream of oriental origin. Tantra’s main intention is to channel sexual desire and materialize it or transform it into improvements mentally and spiritually. In its different manifestations (sexual, massage …) try to seek the spiritual growth of the individual.

In Hinduism as well as in Buddhism and other philosophies there are different variants of Tantrism. Nepal, China, Japan and Korea are, among many others, the countries in which Tantra as a philosophy of life and the pursuit of spirituality has penetrated deeply.


The meaning of the term ‘tantra’ in Sanskrit can be translated as ‘structure’ or ‘essence’. It is also given the Western meaning or translation of ‘something that stretches’. In this sense, it can be defined as the essential rule or rule.

History of Tantrism

Some schools of thought claim that the Tantric tradition and the first related writings were written by Siddhartha Gautama himself, although most scholars, despite acknowledging their origin within Buddhism, associate their birth with post-Buddha teachers.

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Similarly, another stream of authors and scholars carry the birth of Tantrism back to China, even at the dawn of Taoism.

Within Hinduist tantrism two currents can be distinguished: the dakshina marga and the vama marga, which encompasses different techniques of relaxation, meditation, and rites of sexual content and spiritual purpose.

The vama marga is also called ‘left hand path’.

If you want to experience the benefits of tantric massage you can come to us. In our center of erotic and tantric massage in Madrid we will make you live a sensual and sensorial experience like you had never dreamed. Put yourself in the hands of Tantra Usuaya.

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