Previously, in the blog of Tantra Usuaya, we have talked about the mission of sexual fantasies. A mixture of imagination and eroticism that helps us on many levels in a conscious way. Today we are going to focus on the mission and meaning of erotic dreams.

How does a fantasy differ from an erotic dream?

Basically, they differ in the plane in which they occur. While erotic fantasies are dreams that are constructed in a conscious way, dreams of sexual content are created from the subconscious.

Do you remember erotic dreams?

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Some experts point out that the degree of sensitivity of the inner ear, as well as getting to wake up during some of the phases of the natural cycle of sleep, we can remember some dreams better than others.

Erotic dreams are like the others. All of us, without exception, dream. The fact that we do not remember our sexual dreams does not mean that we do not have them.

What is the mission of sexual dreams?

Many experts in the field of psychiatry, psychology and neurology point out that erotic (and non-erotic, in this sense) dreams are ways that our brain can reproduce during sleep memories, thoughts, images, wishes or sounds that it has Consciously experienced.

It is believed that these dreams (erotic or not) help us to deal with real-life situations, maintain a balance-of-equilibrium status quo in our minds and appease attitudes we develop in a conscious way.

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Experts do not agree when it comes to quantifying the average frequency at which erotic dreams occur in a standard person, although there is some consensus that sex dreams would be about one in ten we have.

Which erotic dreams are most frequent?

In this case, if there seems to be a series of erotic dreams more common as to its ‘theme’: to dream that one is unfaithful to the couple with someone unknown; Having sex with our ex; Giving or receiving oral sex; Sex in unusual places; Sexual encounters with co-workers, bosses, teachers (authority figures, in general); Erotic encounter in which the person who dreams, suddenly, belongs to the opposite sex; Group sex; Having sex with a friend / acquaintance, or with the partner of an acquaintance; To dream that you practice sex with someone from your job, or with your own boss or boss; Be unfaithful to your partner …

Having sexual fantasies with people who exercise a certain authority over us usually denotes a subconscious desire to free us from that authority that presses us. Sex with acquaintances seems to imply a certain longing for possessing some of the qualities of that person.

Sex in unusual places or contexts is a daydream that warns us that we have a desire to get out of the rut in our sexuality.

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