Delicious Massage

The best Delicious massage in Madrid

It is well known that a massage is a sensation-based experience, and there is nothing more delightful than a good Sensational massage. Here, the aroma of chocolate is present from start to finish, especially because it is one of the most intense and natural enhancers of pleasure that you can find.

Price of Delicious Massage in Madrid

80€30 min
150€60 min
220€90 min

What is the Delicious Massage Like?

A Delicious massage is a sensual service in which different techniques such as tantra or Thai massage are applied, ensuring that pleasure and sexual eroticism are always present and imagination can be highly stimulating.

In this chocolate massage, your senses will heighten as you admire the perfect bodies of the masseuses, applying different tantra poses to provide clients with a unique experience and maximum excitement.

Erotic Charge of the Delicious Massage

Anyone who attempts to experience this sensation with the erotic chocolate massage can reach maximum pleasure thanks to the complicity and experience of the professional masseuses who perform the work. Experienced girls and boys with stunning bodies will ensure a heightened sexual charge throughout.

Can I touch the masseuse during the Delicious massage?

In this sensual chocolate massage, a unique intensity is experienced. The most pleasurable sensation is enhanced when the masseuse asks the guest to gently touch her, always guided by her expert hands after lubricating and hydrating her body, with the delicate aroma of chocolate. Therefore, it is possible to touch the masseuse during the session.

What attire does the masseuse wear?

To perform this sensual massage, the masseuse wears a thong. This session is based on a chemical reaction that occurs in our bodies when we eat chocolate, triggering endorphins, the natural hormone that provides a prolonged sense of happiness and satisfaction. That’s what this erotic and tantric massage is all about.

Which parts of my body will be massaged?

During the adult chocolate massage, the client’s genitals are specially stimulated. The session takes place in a 100% private, intimate, and exclusive environment where the ambiance quickly fills with eroticism, excitement, and sensuality, offering unique experiences for those who haven’t experienced this pleasurable opportunity before.

Which body parts will be used to massage me?

To perform this chocolate erotic massage, the masseuse uses her hands, as well as other body parts that are involved to enhance the sensations. The created situation is truly exquisite, especially when the two bodies slowly glide against each other while enjoying the intense aroma of chocolate.

Does the erotic chocolate massage have a happy ending?

The sensation reaches its maximum erotic level and provides the client with an exciting happy ending. In this adults-only chocolate massage, a mutual relationship is created where skin-to-skin contact elevates libido to surprising limits and allows everyone to experience a level of sensuality and pleasure, thanks to the wonderful tantric techniques used in this service.

Where is the massage performed?

This xxx massage with chocolate is performed directly on a futon, ensuring relaxation is maximized throughout, so that the client can fully enjoy the experience, especially if the massage progressively extends to the perineum, a highly exciting area that awakens all the senses.

Which products will be used?

During the massage session for men, essential oils and chocolate are applied along with oriental techniques, creating an interactive experience guided by a masseuse. It will be an unforgettable experience; you just have to let yourself be guided by the masseuse and aim for fun and relaxation, discovering a new realm of pleasure that will leave you indifferent at no moment.

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