Savage Massage

The Best Wild Massage in Madrid

It is a highly erotic massage with a double session and double masseuse. It is performed with essential and moisturizing oils for maximum pleasure. The massage starts with the first session accompanied by a completely naked masseuse, and it begins with a shower together. It is an interactive full-body massage, involving massaging the genital and testicular areas, with a happy ending. At the end, the second session will begin with another different masseuse so that you can once again enjoy it to the fullest.

Price of Savage Massage in Madrid

320€80 minutes
440€120 minutes

What is the Savage Massage all about?

This massage is a unique erotic experience that combines relaxation and pleasure in a comfortable and safe environment. The massage is designed for individuals seeking an intimate and sensual experience with the assistance of two massage experts skilled in body massage techniques.
The massage is performed using essential and moisturizing oils that allow for a heightened sense of relaxation and pleasure. The combination of essential oils is carefully selected to ensure that the fragrance and relaxing properties of the oil are suitable for the recipient’s body.

The session begins with a shower accompanied by the first masseuse who is completely naked, enhancing the excitement and intimacy between the participants. The massage is a body-to-body experience, meaning the masseuses use their bodies to apply pressure and stimulate the recipient’s erogenous zones.

During the session, genital and testicular areas are massaged, helping to release tension and increase sexual pleasure. The experience culminates in a happy ending, which is an intense and satisfying orgasm for the recipient.

After the first session, the second session begins with a different masseuse so that you can fully enjoy the entire process once again. This session also utilizes essential and moisturizing oils, providing a greater sense of relaxation and pleasure.

In summary, this double-session, double-masseuse massage with its high erotic charge is a unique experience that combines relaxation, intimacy, and pleasure. The skilled masseuses, essential oils, and combination of massage techniques make this experience one of the best of its kind.

Does the Savage Massage include a happy ending?

Yes, the Savage Massage includes not just one but two happy endings, as it consists of a double session with two different masseuses for you to truly enjoy the experience.

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