Capriche Massage

The finest Capriche massage in Madrid

One of the greatest pleasures in life is achieving ultimate relaxation through a profound massage, especially when it is delivered by a skilled practitioner. Adding points of eroticism and sensuality doubles the sense of well-being, and services like the Capriche massage are a highly intriguing alternative, particularly for gentlemen. Not only does it allow you to break free from the routine, but also to live an experience like never before.

Capriche Massage Prices

280€75 min

What is Capriche Massage?

This erotic massage with two women consists of two parts. First, there is a masseuse who offers a very special service with a relaxing massage that releases tension from the body. The second part of the Capriche massage is much more intense. After the relaxation, a second masseuse will enter to perform a lesbian show with her partner, taking the erotic charge of the massage to unexpected limits.

Erotic Charge of Capriche Massage

This fantasy massage offers a high erotic charge thanks to its daring and sensual double session. It’s a true indulgence and an opportunity to reach the peak of visual and tactile pleasure with all the senses heightened. Specifically designed for the utmost enjoyment of all recipients, the eroticism and sensuality intensify as the session progresses with the two masseuses with sculpted bodies.

What Can I Do with the Masseuses?

It’s an interactive experience that allows the recipient’s participation as the session unfolds. You should let yourself be guided by both masseuses through the lesbian show to ensure the maximum enjoyment that this service can provide. Undoubtedly, it’s a unique experience to fulfill the erotic fantasies of many men, and this massage has become one of the most requested ones today.

What Clothes Do the Masseuses Wear?

During this lesbian massage, the masseuses wear thongs. In addition to the inclusion of two masseuses, an important aspect to highlight is their professionalism, and above all, their sculpted bodies, the fantasy of everyone, which can always generate great excitement. It’s one of the most intense experiences that can be lived, with a level of pleasure that few massages are capable of providing.

Which Body Parts Will They Massage?

In this erotic massage with lesbians, the client will enjoy a genital and testicular massage performed by the two masseuses. If you’re looking for an incomparable sensation that leads you to climax, Capriche massage is the best choice. You’ll live an experience beyond the bounds of imagination, but it will be a reality that you’ll want to live intensely.

Which Body Parts Will They Use to Massage Me?

In this type of double session lesbian massage, relaxation of the recipient is initially promoted by applying Thai techniques to massage gently and delicately with the hands, until accumulated tensions are released. Then, a body-to-body interaction begins with the professional masseuses, who will use their arms, breasts, abdomen, and buttocks to stimulate the erogenous zones and achieve maximum pleasure.

Does Capriche Massage Have a Happy Ending?

There is no doubt that this massage with two women has a unique and special happy ending. It’s capable of realizing the most intriguing male fantasy with professional masseuses with sculpted bodies who will make the intimate show one of the best experiences the client has ever enjoyed. Can you imagine participating in a massage session with beautiful girls who will elevate excitement and arousal to the highest levels?

Where Does Capriche Massage Take Place?

To ensure that everything turns out even better than the client expects, the lesbian massage is carried out in a specially designed room with themed, intimate, and cozy decoration, leaving aside all kinds of insecurities, fully enjoying and receiving the sexiest, erotic, and sensual stimuli. A service provided through tantric massages to provide unparalleled joy and pleasure.

What Products Will They Use?

The lesbian massage is an extremely exciting experience. To achieve an incomparable feeling of comfort and well-being, the masseuse uses a variety of moisturizing oils that relax the skin and provide great pleasure. Her expert hands and the rest of her body massage different erogenous zones to stimulate the climax in a truly intense and unparalleled way.

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