Fetish Massage

The best Fetish massage in Madrid

Are you looking for an exciting way to relax away from everyday life? Experience the Fetish Massage at Tantra Usuaya Madrid. Discover a unique way to experience the true sensation of pleasure, thanks to tantric and Thai techniques applied in this session specially designed for those who enjoy and find fascination in admiring beautiful feet.

Fetish Massage Prices in Madrid

280€60 min
370€90 min
480€120 min

What is Fetish Massage?

The fetish erotic massage is highly exciting as it will be performed solely with the feet of our professional masseuse. It’s a service for the boldest, full of sensuality that conveys a true sense of pleasure that you surely haven’t experienced before.

Erotic Charge of Fetish Massage

This foot fetish massage has a moderate erotic charge. Why shouldn’t you miss it? It’s a unique opportunity to relax the mind and body, forget about all worries, and step away from the daily routine. Thanks to the tantric technique that our masseuse applies with her feet, you can reach climax in an unparalleled way.

What Can I Do with the Masseuse?

Fetish massage allows interaction between the client and the masseuse as it is a mutual and highly creative session. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy an erotic massage that is completely unconventional, stimulating all your senses. This is another bold way to relax and immerse yourself in the delightful world of desire and eroticism.

What Attire Does the Masseuse Wear?

During this foot erotic massage, the masseuse is dressed in very light clothing to awaken your deepest fantasies just by looking at her. This incredible sensation will intensify when the masseuse starts stimulating the erogenous zones in a unique yet delightful manner, allowing you to fully embrace the fetish experience.

Which Body Parts Will Be Massaged?

Fetish massage is one of the most desired experiences for adventurous clients who want to indulge in a sexy experience like no other. During the session, the masseuse will gently, delicately, and sensually stimulate the recipient’s body from head to toe, focusing more on the erogenous zones to facilitate a wonderful climax.

Which Body Parts Will She Use to Massage Me?

This is a massage performed exclusively with the feet. Are you ready to live this stimulating experience? The foot fetish massage will help you relax deeply while stimulating your senses and discovering sensations of high intensity that you haven’t experienced before. It’s the best way to escape from the daily routine.

Does Fetish Massage Have a Happy Ending?

This is a very sensual and distinctive foot erotic massage where the masseuse ensures you reach orgasm by massaging you solely with her feet. Therefore, during this session, you will enjoy the happy ending you desire. Additionally, you have the option to choose among the best themed rooms that create an intimate and very special ambiance.

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