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45 Min: 100€
60 Min: 120€
Erotic load: High
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Among the wide variety of massages that anyone over 18 years of age can receive is the Delicade massage, a tantric and relaxing massage for which different Thai and tantric techniques are used to achieve spectacular results.

Delicade massage features

One of the main characteristics of the Delicade massage is that the masseuse suggests to the client that they caress him in a very gentle way, but always under his own guidance, creating an atmosphere of complicity that is very pleasant.

The professional will use special softening and moisturizing rosehip oils for this very special erotic massage, and will apply the massage in a very gentle and suggestive way with your feet, increasing the degree of eroticism of the session.

It is a surprising massage in which all the senses participate, increasing the sensation of pleasure, something that is not achieved with all massages. Relaxation is the first objective of this massage, which is accompanied by an important load of eroticism, which added to your perfect physique will make the session increase in temperature quickly.

Interaction is something of great importance and that increases the sensations when taking a massage like these. In this participatory session, the masseuse will show the client how the different points of the body are caressed, explored, felt and touched, making the experience much more sensual and erotic, achieving maximum excitement at all times.

It is eroticism raised to the maximum power in which the energies of both intertwine, creating an exclusive temporary bond for an enjoyment from beginning to end. Different parts of the body are used for this massage, which produces great excitement, especially if the client is completely relaxed and open to new and pleasant experiences.

In this massage you can find a great sexual intensity that will gradually increase, especially when the masseuse gets closer to the perineum area, with which unique experiences can be lived.

The Delicade massage requires a tantric posture for which, in addition to the hands, other parts of the body are used, such as the arms, legs, feet, chest and abdomen, and the perineal area is mainly worked, something that is very comforting for those who do it. receives.

Thanks to this, each client will relax, but they will also experience sensations that are possibly unknown, especially thanks to the great eroticism that professional masseurs print to each of their jobs.

If you have never tried it, open your mind, put yourself in the hands of professionals and only worry about one thing, to enjoy.

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