Erotic Massages in Madrid Hotel

The best erotic massage in a hotel in Madrid.

Would you like to try one of our erotic massages in your hotel in Madrid? At Tantra Usuaya, we want our clients to be able to enjoy our erotic and tantric massages with utmost convenience. That’s why we offer hotel outcall services in Madrid.

Dare to live a unique experience. The erotic massage in a hotel is one of our most special offerings. Our masseuses will come to your hotel in Madrid, allowing you to enjoy, disconnect, and relax with the utmost comfort.


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Types of Erotic Massages in Hotels

You have the opportunity to choose from the following medium to high intensity erotic massages:


This is one of our medium intensity erotic massages for hotels in Madrid. It’s a body-to-body massage where you can interact when the masseuse indicates.


High intensity erotic massage that involves practicing different tantric and Thai positions. It is performed with the entire body of the masseuse, and you can also enjoy a stimulating toy.


This is one of our high intensity erotic massages and starts with a highly intense and erotic shower. Then, a special gel is used for the massage, applying tantric and Thai techniques with hands, body, abdomen, buttocks, etc.


With this high intensity erotic massage, you can enjoy a body-to-body massage in the jacuzzi of your hotel in Madrid. Different tantric positions will be applied.


It is a massage with a high level of erotic intensity and consists of two parts. First, a relaxing massage will be applied, and then you can enjoy watching the two masseuses massaging each other and, if desired, participate in this stimulating and fun game.


This is another massage you can choose and enjoy in your hotel in Madrid. Our masseuse wears suggestive lingerie that she will gradually remove while performing a body-to-body massage.


This high intensity erotic option allows you to reveal what you desire and how far you’re willing to explore. Immerse yourself in an erotic game of domination and submission.

Tantra Usuaya comes to your hotel in Madrid

In this case, to know the cost of the erotic massage service in Madrid hotels, you should check the price on the website, as it varies depending on the type of massage you choose and whether you prefer one or two masseuses (if you choose two masseuses, the service price would be double). You should also cover the transportation cost of the masseuse(s), both to and from the hotel.
At Tantra Usuaya, we like to attend to our clients in the most special way, which is why we offer the possibility of our masseuses coming to your hotel in Madrid to provide you with our incredible erotic and tantric massages.

If you want to enjoy a unique experience and escape from routine, don’t hesitate.

It’s ideal for enhancing your energetic stimuli and enjoying the pleasures that tantric techniques can offer.

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