Lingam Massage Madrid

The best Lingam massage in Madrid

At Tantra Usuaya, we specialize in tantric and Thai techniques, which is why we offer the best erotic massages in Madrid. Come and live a sensory and unique experience to break free from the routine and get rid of all that accumulated stress.

The Lingam massage is a delightful and sensual service with a subtle touch of eroticism that will bring you great pleasure, thanks to our outstanding professionals.

Price for Lingam Massage in Madrid”

60€25 min
110€50 min


What is Lingam massage?

This is a simple and delicate yet very special exotic massage, where the client can enjoy a wonderful experience guided by our excellent masseuses. Lingam massage is highly sensual and focuses on the front part of the body, specifically the groin and genital area. The masseuses perform this delightful massage using their own hands.

The erotic charge of Lingam massage

This hot massage has a basic erotic charge, but that doesn’t mean it’s not truly pleasurable. If you’re looking to release all the accumulated tension from your daily life, relax, and disconnect, then Lingam massage is undoubtedly the best option for you. Let yourself be enveloped by the intense comfort sensation that our masseuses, experts in tantric techniques, will make you feel.

What can I do with the masseuse during Lingam massage?

The interaction you can have with the masseuse in this hot massage is solely as the recipient of the exotic techniques she applies with her hands on the well-hydrated client. The idea is to surrender to a true erotic massage that will undoubtedly heighten your senses and make you want to come back for more.

What clothing does the masseuse wear during Lingam massage?

To perform Lingam massage, the masseuse wears light, comfortable, and attractive clothing so that you can feel at ease throughout the sensory experience that the applied tantric techniques will unleash upon you. This private massage allows you to fully enjoy it while leaving aside any embarrassment or prejudice.

Which parts of the body will be massaged?

Lingam is a private massage for adults where only the thighs and erogenous zones are massaged. It is an exciting and rejuvenating experience that you shouldn’t miss. If you’re tired of the same old traditional massages, there’s nothing better than daring to experience this journey of pleasure.

Which parts will be used to massage me?

During the application of tantric techniques, the masseuse only uses her hands to make you feel the most intense pleasure sensation. It is a private massage for men that allows you to disconnect and deeply relax thanks to the delicate touch of eroticism and the guaranteed experience of our professional masseuses.

Does Lingam massage include a happy ending?

Lingam massage does not include a happy ending, but it is undoubtedly an experience you should try. At Tantra Usuaya center, we provide the most private and thematic massage rooms to create the ambiance you need to enjoy the most sensual and stimulating massages for men.

Where is Lingam massage performed?

This massage is performed on a futon, always accompanied by erotic masseuses who will be at your disposal, fully dedicated to providing you with the pleasure you need. You will discover a new dimension of fun and sensuality with unique feelings you haven’t experienced before.

What products are used in Lingam massage?

For this exotic massage, no additional products are necessary to make you feel an extremely relaxing and pleasurable sensation. Only with their hands, the masseuse will glide gently, delicately, and very slowly over the thighs and erogenous zones with a basic yet stimulating erotic charge.

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