Laura will make your tantric and sensual massage become an experience of enjoyment and full enjoyment. Your hands and body will take you to places (physically and mentally) that you have never been to.

With beautiful and suggestive clear hair, suggestive and voluptuous breasts, hypnotizing brown eyes and a sculptural body, almost as if it were chiseled in marble, Laura will achieve with her massages that every inch of your body will become a receiver and emitter of pleasure .

Laura has a great experience as a tantric and erotic masseur, mastering different techniques and styles. Desire, relaxation, release of stress, eroticism and sensuality in a conjunction difficult to achieve.

Come to Tantra Usuaya and let Laura take you along the path of eroticism and purest enjoyment.

Maximum discretion

Come to know us to our magnificent center of erotic massages in Madrid, you will know all our masseurs and our wide range of tantric massages.

Tantra Usuaya
C/ Padilla nº45, Escalera Derecha, Bajo B, Madrid
Lu – Do:
10:30 – 18:00

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