Turn every moment into an exciting endless pleasure by meeting the personification of tenderness and naughtiness in equal parts. She is Andrea, a 20 year old erotic tantric masseuse with 1 year of experience. Her ability to learn how to do incredible massages, her soft warm skin and beautiful face make every minute become an exciting endless pleasure, so much so that you will never want it to end.

Andrea’s penetrating, succulent and candid gaze endow her with unparalleled sensuality as her attitude is incredibly alluring. Plus, her bright blonde hair, slim build, and honey-colored eyes. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside, you’ll never feel it here. Treat yourself to this massage.

Maximum discretion

Come to know us to our magnificent center of erotic massages in Madrid, you will know all our masseurs and our wide range of tantric massages.

Tantra Usuaya
C/ Padilla nº45, Escalera Derecha, Bajo B, Madrid
Mo. – Fr.:
10:30 – 22:00
Sa. – Su.:
11:00 – 21:00

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