Lingam massage step by step 

Erotic massage for men is known as male lingam. Through this technique, the entire genital area, as well as the perineum and anus are integrated into the massage. It should be mentioned that the objective of this type of massage is not that the man reaches orgasm, rather, it is a healing experience that you can enjoy learning the lingam massage step by step with Tantra Usuaya. If you are thinking about getting a lingam massage in Madrid, here we tell you the most important things you need to know.

Lingam massage preparation

If you prepare yourself to do lingam massage step by step, you will receive the benefits that this technique has for the person who receives it. Thanks to the erotic massage, you can control premature ejaculation, as well as combat impotence or erectile dysfunction. This type of massage helps men to get rid of their insecurities and fears.

Of course, to get it right, there are a few things to keep in mind. Learn here how to give and receive the tantric lingam massage.

Choose music for Lingam massage

Believe it or not, music influences the atmosphere which, in turn, allows the couple to relax and enjoy a passionate moment. Thanks to the music, you will be able to relax well, forgetting all the worries that you are living and that bring as a consequence a problem in the sexual enjoyment.

If you want to start well the lingam massage step by step, you have to choose a pleasant melody, preferably with a sexual vibe. A good planning will make that moment a unique and special one, besides it will help the man to have more sexual enjoyment, a healthy erection and an explosive orgasm.

 lingam massage

Lingam Massage Lighting

This is another aspect to take into account when performing an erotic massage. Thanks to lighting, we achieve complete relaxation during tantric massage. For example, the dim light is perfect for creating a sensual atmosphere, which is perfect for increasing sexual desire.

If you want to learn how to do lingam massage step by step, lighting should be taken into account. Thanks to this you will be able to better enjoy the moment, concentrating on what is happening in the moment. It is through this technique that the man can achieve a better erection and, therefore, a more pleasurable enjoyment of sex.


Add aromas to the massage

It is proven that smell is an incentive for arousal. Through aromatic oils you can better stimulate the genitals during the massage. Not to mention that the aroma will relax the person receiving the massage.

Considering that it is recommended that, during tantric massage, you breathe deeply, you should ensure that the scent you inhale, is pleasant to the person. By learning lingam massage step by step you will realize that this point is important to achieve the goal of the erotic massage.

How to do Lingam massage

Not only external aspects have to be taken into account when doing lingam massage step by step. If you want to learn lingam massage how to do it, you have to concentrate well on where you touch and everything that is involved in this process. Here are some tips on how to give the best erotic massage to your partner.

Good position

The position helps a lot when giving a tantric massage; one where you can reach all the erogenous points of the man. The best is to place the head on a pillow, and also place one of these under the pelvis. Also, in the lingam massage step-by-step guide, it is recommended that you spread and bend your legs so that they are relaxed.

Apply the oils

Oils in Lingam massage for men help a lot to avoid friction with the skin. So that the touch is not unpleasant for the person receiving the massage. In addition, the oil stimulates linear and fluid movements.

Lingam Stimulation

Although erotic massage is not intended for sexual intercourse, it does seek to bring the person to maximum sexual pleasure. Therefore, Lingam stimulation is necessary to awaken all the senses. Through touch, kisses, caresses and, of course, massage, the “client” receives a cocktail of pleasures. But you can also stimulate using words, whispers, music and other tools of erotic massage.

 lingam massage estimulation

Lingam massage stretching

Considering that the penis has no muscles, and that the erection is entirely due to the accumulation of blood in the corpus cavernosum, it is important to stretch the whole body so that the blood flow reaches its destination. To do this, it is recommended to decongest the area by stretching the penis. This is how a lingam massage expert will show you how to do it step by step.

The testicles in Lingam massage

With the lingam massage stimulation step by step, not only the penis but also the testicles must be touched. This is because this is where the hormones that bring health to the man are secreted. During the massage, the area is decongested, avoiding lumps in the testicles, which can cause problems not only of erection but also prevents prostate diseases.

Love in Lingam massage

When erotic massage is received from the partner, it is more enjoyable. The reason is that love leads to the creativity of Lingam massage. Here, the couple plays, experiments and discovers new aspects of the intimate relationship, which goes beyond the simple sexual act. This technique is a way to meditate, control and increase passion in intimacy.

Lingam massage in Tantrausuaya

In Tantra Usuaya we are experts in tantric and Thai techniques, so we offer the best erotic massages in Madrid. Come and live a sensory and unique experience to break the routine and get rid of all that accumulated stress.

The Lingam massage is a delicious and sensual service with a basic level of eroticism that will be highly pleasurable thanks to our excellent professionals.


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