That chocolate is an aphrodisiac for the palate is pleasantly known. But its delights are not only limited to food but also to restful, intense and sensual massages.

As if it were a cream, chocolate plays a very rewarding role in massages. Its sweet and appetizing odor permeates the massage rooms already loaded with the sensuality provided by tantra.

Its aphrodisiac effects, according to popular culture, are also noticeable on the skin. In fact, cocoa has properties for the skin to be rich in antioxidants and to possess polyphenols (substances present in plant foods beneficial for health) fight against aging of the skin and improves circulation. Therefore, it is an essential element in beauty massages and, of course, in tantric massages.

Its penetrating and exquisite scent stimulates relaxation and helps prevent stress. If you have a very tiring day, a chocolate massage will relax you and make you feel much better. The skin also needs to oxygenate and feel the regeneration of pleasant sensations.

If you decide to embark on the adventure of massage, cocoa, you and the masseur become absolute protagonists of a sensual journey.

Once it is spread the chocolate by the body acts as a hypnotizing element and invites a very pleasant relaxation. At first you just have to let go and feel the heat of the chocolate on the skin, as if it were a constant caress. Notice how it extends through every part of your anatomy.

Little by little the whole body is impregnated with a smell and a sensation that elevates your spirit to a new dimension. It is a very comforting experience, as if it were a dream that you do not want to wake up.

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Our chocolate massage is called “Mutual Delicious” which means that both client and masseur enjoy the most satisfactory properties of cocoa.

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