The foot is one of the erogenous zones of the body. Being massaged opens the door to new sensations and being part of a back massage is one of the most pleasant tantric techniques.

All our massages begin with the feet. It is the best way to start from scratch and be guided by the stimuli. There is no foot reflexology, but it is true that several parts of the foot are activated to feel the relaxation from the beginning and leave behind the stress.

Our feet are full of nerve endings so when stimulated they provide a lot of pleasure. In fact, they contain a large amount of muscles that are divided into intrinsic (those that manage to move the fingers) and extrinsic (those that manage to move the ankle and the foot to walk).

One of the benefits of Tantra is that it allows you to incorporate various parts of the body into the massages. In this way, massages are performed with the hands, chest, belly, buttocks, arms, legs and, of course, the feet. In Tantrausuaya the oriental techniques are applied to massage with the feet in the body of the client; It starts at the back, more intensely, and then at the front, but softer. They are indicated techniques for inner enjoyment and at no time will you feel pain.

In the massage called Delicade Usuaya, the masseur will be standing to perform the massage (as seen in one of the photos) or use the foot but sitting. It all depends on the comfort of the person who does it. But the goal is the same: to feel the energy of the foot in the body to release tensions and improve our inner pleasure.

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Why is podal technique beneficial in the body? For several reasons, including the sense of well-being it conveys, it relaxes the muscles of the body, relieves stress by accumulating stresses, stimulates circulation and helps release energy contained in the back. The foot massage always surprises and brings great warmth to the body.

The wisdom of Thai massage techniques aims to revitalize the body’s balance, seek its harmony through stimulating sensations. And the foot is one of the areas that help to find that balance. What better way to start a foot massage?

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