Balinese bed: oriental sensuality

It is a very common element in chill out environments because it helps with relaxation. For Tantric massages a Balinese bed is part of sensuality and comfort.

They are called Balinese in honor of Bali, island and province of Indonesia in which its use is common. In the Asian country they are adorned with mosquito nets or curtains to protect from mosquitoes and also to mitigate sunlight. It is an oriental type of furniture that allows you to rest more pleasantly.

The Balinese beds are distinguished by their four-column frame structure, square or rectangular, which rises to the ceiling or sky, depending on the view. The so-called framework is usually made of wood or other similar materials such as synthetic rattan.

In our country it has become popular in the outdoor spaces of the chill out environments of the Costa del Sol or Ibiza as an element of well-being to chat quietly, listen to music or feel the relaxation by the sea.

They have also been incorporated into the decoration of the houses with garden and swimming pool. As interior furniture it is common to see Balinese beds in resorts and luxury hotels around the world because they invite rest and relaxation.

And in erotic massage centers feel the relaxation in Balinese bed is a dream come true. It contributes a erotic aspect that is accentuated with other decorative complements like the canopy, cushions multiplied, dim light or candles around. Impacts its structure and helps relaxation, takes you to another space and another time.

When you lie down in a Balinese bed you will experience immediate comfort, an extra to wellness. Your body in perfect rest to enjoy the tranquility of the massage, you just have to feel the caresses of tantra. If you close your eyes you will experience intense sensations, if you open the environment, it is comforting because it relaxes.

In the sense of well-being that this furniture brings, it helps its wide range, it measures 1.50 cm. Of width at least and many reach 1.80 cm. Or 2 meters. If they are used outdoors they usually carry an awning to protect from the sun rays and also curtains or mosquito nets because it provides more comfort. In the interiors, its four-column structure merges with the roof.

A luxury of the Orient that has come to the western countries to stay.

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