4 tips to succeed in an intimate evening

If you take care of the details like lingerie, music and decoration, you have many points earned so that an intimate and erotic evening is unforgettable. Creativity plays an important role, giving a touch of imagination and personality to the preparation of the moment.

Whether it is a couple or a recent relationship here are some tips to enliven passion and eroticism:

Romantic dinner. It’s already a classic romantic dinner with candles and prepare the menu with someone’s help even if you do not have qualities in the kitchen. The idea is good, but it is always better to order food than to do something that could spoil the moment. Choose very light dishes and, if you drink, never much quantity. It has to be taken into account that it is seducing, that they have taken care of the details to flee that of monotony or provoke a good impact on the other person. The decoration of the table should be intimate, with candles and help some floral detail.

Relaxing music. Surrounding the space with soft, relaxing music, that is of the taste of the other person will allow to foment the creativity at the time of the erotic conquest. If possible, avoid the loud music or the one that the organizer of the evening likes, you have to think about the other person. Take your time in the musical selection, it has more importance than it seems. The music should start ringing during dinner.

Candles and pleasant aromas. Less in more, and do not overload the space chosen to enjoy eroticism. After dinner, continue the evening in the bedroom. It always looks good with the candles and the ambient scent. Turn off the direct lights and give the space a dim light, which can come from a small lamp in addition to candles, if possible better opt for the design that generate a chill out atmosphere. There is a great variety of candles, and it is a surprising element.

A pleasant smell in the room adds up to the creation of eroticism. There are fragrances that are used to aromatize a place, generate good energy and purify the air, as aromatizers and incenses. They must be soft, never very strong odors that help to calm the environment, as if the space had stopped.

Lingerie chosen with care. An intimate evening with inappropriate underwear can ruin all previous preparation. So, do not forget to include in your wardrobe a nice and erotic lingerie to brighten the moment, if it is something that your partner has not seen you will feel more surprised. The red and black colors always win in the romantic evenings. For men there are also very appropriate underwear that goes out of the ordinary. If you approach an erotic store you will surely find something inside that will surprise you and the other person.

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