Breathing basis of tantric pleasure

Have you stopped to think that when we are irritated or pissed the respiratory rhythms are slow and very intense? It is because we are not exercising energy control and breathing takes over our bad vibrations. To enjoy tantra requires harmony between inspiration and expiration.

Learning to breathe is essential to perform our daily activities and also for relaxation. Because if it is not done with correction, or there is some problem that prevents it like the deviation of the nasal septum, it suffers at rest.

In the breathing there are four phases to be taken into account. First of all inspiration; When air enters from the nose to the lungs; Then comes the retention, when the air is held for a few seconds; Thirdly the expiration, which consists in expiring the air that we have previously inspired and retained; And finally the rest, in which the respiratory apparatus rests a few seconds before the beginning of the cycle.

Breathing is the basis of tantra. It is the way we control our energy. A good tip to enjoy more intensely tantric massages is to perform the breath from the bottom of the stomach.

In the same way, sexual relations are more satisfactory if you manage to control the respiratory rate. By being able to control the breath we are able to hear our body, to hear and to feel every caress, every kiss. We can also vary the rhythm if our intention is to feel more sexual pleasure.

Relaxation will depend on correctly performing a breathing rhythm in which the inspiration and expiration are synchronized. It is advisable to calm breathing, then hold cautiously and exhale slowly. It is a situation of total calm with the muscles of the body in perfect state of harmony and relax. If we follow these steps the enjoyment of tantric massage will be more pleasant. As the massage acquires more erotic load the breaths intensify, although it must be remembered that they must remain relaxed.

If you are aware that breathing is not your forte, a good way to increase lung capacity is yoga. Yoga exercises are based on correct concentration. To do this they must acquire good respiratory habits and then incorporate them into our daily life. Also exercising, not smoking and having a proper diet helps improve our breathing.

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