Health Benefits of Erotic Massage

In addition to the obvious, erotic massage has a lot of benefits, both for the mind and for the body. Today we will move some of them.

Benefits of Erotic Massage

Obviously, the benefits of sensual massage are experienced on two levels: mental and physical. Both for our state of mind and for our health and sexual life, tantric and sensorial massages present a number of undeniable advantages.

Aesthetic benefits of erotic massage

Erotic massage helps us, on the one hand, to know ourselves sexually. It reveals to us those things that we like and the areas of our anatomy that can be stimulated in a more intense way.

Also, in a couples massage, we can discover the same in our / partner. All this contributes to the couple having a much better sexual communication. At the same time, sensual massages help us feel much better with our body, with its nakedness and, in this sense, we see ourselves as individuals endowed with sexuality and sensuality.

This helps our self-esteem grow and, therefore, our sex life improves.

Physical Benefits of Erotic Massage

In addition to those mentioned above in the mental section, sensual massages have a number of obvious physical advantages. On the one hand, they help improve circulation in all parts of the body subject to massage and, at the same time, improve other aspects such as fluid retention in the body.

Sensual massages are developed in an intimate environment, with lighting, music and ambience oriented to achieve the excitation-relaxation conjunction. This allows us, on the one hand, to reach very high arousal levels and, on the other hand, to free ourselves from the stress of everyday life and relax our minds, as our thoughts are occupied in the touch of the other and in the way that that touch Makes you feel

As you see, receiving an erotic massage is an unbeatable way to achieve a perfect body-mind balance. In our center of erotic massages in Madrid we help you achieve this balance. We have a team of qualified masseurs and experienced in all types of tantric and sensual massage. Tell us what you are looking for and at Tantra Usuaya we will make it happen.

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