Tips for improving your sex life

Sometimes, especially if you spend a lot of time together, sexual desire decays. It is no problem, if there is no physical problem that motivates it. If you want to increase your levels of desire follow our 6 tips to improve your sex life.

Start little by little

Sex and eroticism is not a sprint. Do not rush, for the haste is the best way to kill desire. Preliminaries, caresses and pre-penetration kisses help you to get to know your body and your partner better, as well as increasing your desire exponentially.

‘Oral’ sex

With oral sex we do not mean what you are thinking. Many times we sin to be excessively silent in bed when, in fact, the word is one of the best ‘weapons’ we count on to ignite the flame of passion. You lose the modesty to tell your partner what you want, what you like and also to say ‘dirty’ things.

Orgasm without penetration

You can not always achieve orgasm with penetration. People are not every day in an identical mental or physical state. Helping your partner achieve penetration by other means is a perfect idea.

Sex beyond the genitals

Do you think sex starts and ends on the genitals? Well you are in error. The female and male anatomy has a multitude of nerve endings and erogenous zones. Stimulating them correctly increases desire levels effectively and, likewise, brings us naturally to orgasm.

Fantasies and roles

Have you ever heard that routine is the ‘killer’ of desire? Well, it’s a great truth. If you perceive that you are entering the dangerous terrain of the routine try to develop sexual fantasies or to take part in small role plays.

Lights, cameras and …

Action! In fact, cinema is one of the most evocative arts. It allows us to travel and know places we had never been without moving from the comfort of our home. Have you tried watching erotic movies as a couple? Although it may be embarrassing at first to propose to your partner, do not doubt that this will help you increase your sexual desire.

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