Tips to improve your relationship

Lack of sexual desire is capable of ending many couples. However, increasing libido is not as complex as you might believe. Today we are going to give you a series of simple tips to increase your levels of excitement.

Massage and sensuality as a couple

Receiving a couple massage is one of the best ways to increase the arousal levels of each member. Knowing what touches or gestures excite our partner also helps us to establish a better erotic communication with her.

These types of massages give you ideas for when you are in the privacy of your home and want to make things a little spicy. Similarly, in order to increase sexual arousal as a couple, it is only necessary to practice other activities, in addition to massage, such as reading erotic novels or watching ‘spicy’ movies. We assure you that this will undoubtedly elevate your libido.

Sports every day

Especially sports like swimming, running or walking help us release substances like dopamine. Dopamine makes us more positive and also helps us to be more open to having sex, even in periods of frank decay. Also, certain yoga, tai chi or kegel exercises that specifically work the pelvic area can help you increase your sex drive.


Changing roles, playing roles and playing erotic games in which we pretend to be who we are not is one of the best ways to get out of the rut, let our imagination run free and free us from day to day. Surely these types of roleplaying games help you increase the erotic intensity of your sexual encounters.

Imagination to power

As we said before, the imagination has more erotic power than any invigorating you can imagine. Take some moments of the day to imagine you practicing sex or performing different erotic practices with your partner. This will help you to visualize yourself better in a sensual setting and also set your mind ‘in tune’ for intimacy with your partner.

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